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The duties of parents in child upbringing

The primary reason for marriage is for the parents to raise godly offspring – Mal 2:15

Challenges children in this generation face daily

1. Technology can connect a child to far parts of the world where they are exposed to good and evil
2. The use of drugs
3. Homosexuality and other forms of sexual immorality

Ways to deal with these challenges
1. We can handle these challenges through prayer. You can start praying for the child from the womb
2. Sow seeds of godliness in the child’s life (Nourishment)
3. Spank the child if you need to (Discipline)
4. Engage the child
5. Teach your child the beauty if working
6. Give your child an inheritance (the most incorruptible inheritance which is Christ).
7. Teach the child the Word of God
8. Don’t present yourself as a perfect person, share
9. Know the company your child keeps including their parents
10. Deny the child privileges when necessary
11. Commend the child when he/she has done well
12. Be friends with your child

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