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Sunday Sermon: Fruitful Christian Living – Engr Naaman Dieenyen

Fruitful Christian living is an important topic to us because most of us live our lives and are too busy. Titus 2 vs 11-14

Fruitful Christian living has to do with what we are involved in both inside and outside the church.

Romans 2 vs 68, Revelation 20 vs 12, Corinthians 5 vs 27

The main tree only functions with the branches

Genesis 1 vs 8 God said we should be fruitful and multiply.it is God desire that we bear fruits

Fruit bearing is bringing out tangible results when attached to Christ.

What are the conditions to be able to bear fruits …one condition is to live?

1)are you a child of GOD? Have you given your life to Christ?

2)Abide with God acts 1 vs 8

3)let the word of God dwell in you or with you

4)live in obedience and respect God. John 16 vs 2b

5)work in the house of God

NB To bear fruits we have to deliberately do things for God

2 peter 1vs 5-11, Ephesians 4, God has given us gift which we are to use for him

Hebrews 5 vs 12

When we think of fruitfulness, we should think of fruitfulness both inside and outside


1)you ii be removed from Christ      john 23 vs 2, John 26, Isaiah 5 vs 1-6

2)it is God pleasure that we all bear fruits in his name


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