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Sunday Sermon: The Concept Of Servant Leadership And The Nation

Jesus said to his disciples in John 13:13-15 to do also as he has done to them.

The servant leadership concept involves:

  1. Passionate to serve in meeting needs– to be passionate, you need to be proactive and have the zeal to serve in leadership. In John 13:13, Jesus saw what needed to be done and He did it, he was not compelled to do it. This is what is required of every servant leader, to be passionate in service and in meeting the needs of the people he is leading.
  2. Being people oriented– There is no leader without people, therefore to be a servant-leader, you have to find a way to solve the needs and better the lives of the people you lead.
  3. A servant-leader is not being consumed by strife and the greed for power.
  4. He enhances God’s kingdom by serving in various dimensions to the glory of God.
  5. Servant-leadership also involves leading by examples. Jesus led by example and expects us to do the same.
  6. He must understand that leadership is a servant under God (Rom 13:1-4) and act as such because on the Last Day, we all will give accounts of our stewardship.

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