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Sunday Service: Inspiring Dimensions Of Stewardship

PREACHER: Rev. Canon Ovie Ezimeruwe.

TOPIC: Inspiring Dimensions Of Stewardship

TEXT: I Chronicles 29vs 12-14; 3,4 &14; 9; 2&3

NOTES: All things come from God; riches, honour, life, wisdom- all come from God. We are just privileged managers.

STEWARDSHIP is the act of management. It is very important for us to understand the concept of stewardship.

Stewardship of resources is of high significance as God has given all humans diverse resources. King David is an exemplary lesson to all believers in contemporary times.

He gave to God sacrificially. The equivalent of the gold and refined silver King David gave to God in our present day is quite mind-blowing and stands as an invaluable challenge to present day Christians.

A deep and clear understanding of stewardship inspires your attitude of GIVING to God.


  1. You are expected to grow in your giving (II Corinthians 8vs7).
  2. Your giving honours God (Proverbs 3vs9).
  3. Giving is an act of worship (Mark 12vs 41-44). Quality of your giving depends on your sacrifice, not the volume.
  4. Giving is highly spiritual (Psalms 20vs 1-3).
  5. Giving is warfare (Malachi 3vs 6).

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  1. Oloche says:

    wow quite an amazing topic, i am quite impressed too that the website is updated to the recent activities of the church

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