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Impactful leadership – Rev Canon Ovie Ezimeruwe

Texts: Numbers 13:1 – 2, 25

  • Man was created out of a need for leadership
  • Impactful leadership is a visionary, purposeful, focused leadership that provokes action, positive changes, progress, the releasing and harnessing of potential without giving room for fear, excuses and blame.
  • Impactful leadership is purpose driven: Why are you where you are
  • “WHY” is the fuel in the furnace of achievement
  • A focused man is never given to distraction
  • When a leader is not impactful, stagnation and regression is inevitable
  • An impactful leader promotes action
  • An impactful leader does not tolerate non-performance or celebrate idleness
  • The results of impactful leadership is always clear
  • People grow with responsibility
  • Impactful leaders are passionate about conquering challenges
  • You are a leader because God has raised you to solve problems/ provide solution
  • Life is full of limitations, excuses and reasons for failure but the choice to make impact is yours despite these factors.
  • If the vision is there, the resources will come
  • A wrong perspective gives a wrong mind set (Numbers 13: 32)
  • Neither be a generator of excuses nor failure
  • Don’t make yourself what God has not made you (Numbers 13:33)
  • YOU are responsible for where you are: your success or your failure

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