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It’s a SIN to be ungrateful – Rev Canon Ovie Ezimeruwe

The topic for today’s abridged service was on BE GRATEFUL which dwelt on the purpose of man to be appreciative of all things at all time.

Drawing his message from Hebrews 6:10, God appreciates every work and labour of love. Our vicar and friend also made it clear to parishioners that it is unrighteousness to be ungrateful emphasising that it is righteousness to remember good and be grateful for it. Even God is grateful for our good deeds.

He further stated that IT IS A SIN TO BE UNGRATEFUL. He also admonished parishioners to be grateful to God first and even those who have done good to us.

In his submission, he encouraged the congregation to take inventory of those who have helped us in the past and make ‘thank you’ calls.

He made mention of the fact that we should not allow the wickedness of men kill your sense of gratitude but learn the act of GRATITUDE

2 thoughts on “It’s a SIN to be ungrateful – Rev Canon Ovie Ezimeruwe

  1. Mrs Esther Okonkwo says:

    May the God’s Lord bless you sir for this mesaage

    1. mediatwo says:

      God bless you abundantly. Amen

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