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Declaration of Supernatural Rising

Heavenly Father, according to Acts 14:8-10;

I receive grace for Supernatural rising by acting in faith.
Lord Jesus, by your grace and power deliver me from the corruption of sin.

By faith, supernatural rising in all ramifications is mine.

I break forth beyond limitations, strongholds, and barriers in all areas of my life. My life will be operated by supernatural laws.

I liberate my mind for supernatural conceptions and manifestations.

I am empowered supernaturally to conquer impossible feats.

I ride on the wind of possibilities.

By faith I decree supernatural manifestations, sudden remembrance be activated in my Favour.

I shall not be helpless, those designed to help me will not be helpless.

By faith my space and portion in life and destiny is guaranteed. I will not be crowded out of my inheritance or possessions.

By reason of being a member of the household of faith, I declare that people, the events of Life, the systems of life, the elements of the earth will do good to me preferentially.

By faith and the grace of God, I will exceed expectations spiritually, financially, materially, family-wise, business-wise, vocationally, in my career and in my office.

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